I want to challenge a common notion we have about what we often call a midlife crisis — a term often used in a derogatory and judgemental way about someone making changes around age 35–50.

The term seems reductive to the point of being useless, in my opinion.

Sure, occasionally you see a 40 year old guy go buy a Corvette out of what gets labeled as a sense of insecurity about his manhood, where supposedly he sees the car as a way to recapture his virility or become “more of a man.”

Sometimes maybe that’s true. (But even when…

This is a re-post of a 2018 piece on a retired Medium account of mine.

I like to re-watch movies and TV shows I loved from before years later. Often I’ll still enjoy them, but beyond scratching that nostalgic itch I think doing this allows us all to appreciate them differently.

Where we are as people is usually pretty different, especially when it’s a movie you watched when you were 17 and then again at 30. …

Brian Watkins

Writer with a complicated relationship with his muse, seeker, and audio enthusiast.

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