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As a basketball fan, I understand the perspective of this article. As a Nuggets fan, I think there are a whole different set of takeaways.

The Warriors are the only team that can give under-the-radar teams a spotlight that otherwise just isn’t there. Nobody knows who the Nuggets are, so this was a great coming out party for casual NBA fans that, for example, don’t know Jameer Nelson is still in the NBA. Or, have never heard of Nikola Jokic before, who is a better than Kristaps Porzingis, a player that may make the ASG as Kevin Love’s injury replacement. (Also, Jokic recently torched Zinger and the Knicks for 40 points in MSG a week after posting his first triple double.)

I’d say the majority of sports media writes off the Nuggets, and I understand why. But that game gave the Nuggets a level of legitimacy they haven’t come close to since Carmelo left, and it’s exciting to see Jokic finally “breakout” on a national stage only the Warriors can set. They are still a young, raw team that have a lot of veterans to cycle out in future trades in the coming seasons, but that was the first true display of the Jokic/Murray/Juancho core and I’m buying stock.