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Brian Dinning
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Things have advanced in the business world at an exponential rate. Although things were the same for a long time following the Industrial Revolution, technology has advanced things rapidly in the past 20 years.

Technology continues to move along at an exponential pace. But what impact is that having on business as a whole today? Here are the various ways.

Lightning Fast Communication

The biggest way business has changed through technology is in the sharing of information and communication. It wasn’t long ago when letters were the only way to communicate things, which would take days locally and much longer for cross-country endeavors.

But now, communication can be instantaneous around the world. That means making faster decisions than ever before and sharing information at a lightning-quick pace. It means the business world moves at a rate that would have been unthought of not long ago.

Getting Mobile

Part of the ability to communicate and share information instantaneously has to do with the mobile platform. More and more people are doing the bulk of their online activity through their smart devices.

Businesses have learned to implement apps seamlessly, allowing constant connectivity between employees, leaders, and the rest of the organization. Not only that, customers can access apps from just about every company under the sun.

Working Remote

As we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional means of working within an office space is becoming outdated. More and more employees across thousands of companies find that working remotely has more benefits than previously thought.

In addition to being helpful during pandemic times, there are other benefits to working remotely. More and more organizations are shifting to permanent remote offices with positive results. It has led to improved employee satisfaction, resulting in greater employee engagement and higher productivity.

Working from home and doing so safely has never been easier because of the advancement in technology. For instance, VPN connections allow employees to work from their home Wi-Fi connection without concern of being compromised. That is just one of how working remotely has become part of the norm.

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