First day with the Fujifilm x100t

I absolutely love this camera. After agonizing for ages, I finally bought the Fujifilm x100t. I haven’t shot with a real camera in 20 years, so I needed some refreshing. While there are a million blog posts and infographics explaining what all these settings are for, I was still missing the order of operations. For anyone else struggling with this, the general advice tends to be:

Set your camera to aperture priority
Choose the ISO that is appropriate for your lighting conditions
Choose an aperture setting to match the depth of field you’re looking for, and play around with it
If the lighting still isn’t perfect, try adjusting the exposure
Make a lot of pictures. Experiment. Enjoy the moments.

Here are my favorite snaps from #NewCameraDay, each of which demonstrates exactly why I wanted this camera, and why snapping photos with my iPhone just can’t compare.

Blake on the track, Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anselmo, CA
Ben’s got flow
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