Gearing Up Towards Lifestyle Topics

Recently I made a rough Periscope about Lifestyle. The word itself is pretty estranged from its dictionary meaning. Lifestyle usually means uncommon life choices that are desirable and pleasurable. There are many lifestyles that come to mind, but all of them more or less have one thing in common: financial stability.

I wanted to make a distinct difference between actual work, and work that enables lifestyle empowerment. Subjects like how to transform your passion into a process that will enable you to make more, while doing the things you were doing anyway.

The life of a (content) creator

Lifestyle activities

Having these lifestyle activties and choices can be a good path to the alternative career. During the day, I am a digital marketer, manager and a paid search analyst. During the night, I am a writer, photographer, magazine editor and a political social media personality.

In case I hit a rough patch, I could transform my livelihood to freelance style of income, by moving more into photography, writing or creation of content. There are plenty opportunities out there for me, that are empowering me, regardless of the situation. However, in order to feel fully comfortable in making a “lifestyle transition”, I want to make sure that the quality of my work, is so valuable, that I can make comparable income in the disciplines that I am forging as a craft.

Writing definitively didn’t come naturally to me, especially considering that I’ve learned English as my second language. My grammar isn’t perfect to this very day, and often I have an awkward sentence structure. But I know that with the right editor, I could be placing my articles for big bucks, and I do have a capacity to write and edit my own AlphaEfficiency Magazine.

This is a consequence of writing for 7 years on English. My initial writing was flat out terrible. When I read those old blog posts, I am literally embaressed of the quality of my work. But despite that, I was still able to pull traffic to my website. All these years, I was building a lifestyle based skill, that can scale as the time goes by. (Any content based activity has the leverage and capacity of scaling).

Some other Skills you could be developing

But writing isn’t the only thing that you can move in the lifestyle direction. It can be pretty much anything. It could be accounting, design, programming, video and audio editing, or anything else where you can provide value on the open market.

When you are young and you have free time, learning all these skills can create value for yourself, where you can just grow the value of your personal brand. Having a large social media audience, and knowing how to keep their attention is also a skill, and an asset. And finally, you could have a mixture of all the beforementioned skill, and just learning how to monetize the products of your mixed up knowledge. All of this is not taught in college, at least not as a part of unified curiculum. And all of these skills are encompassing a digital lifestyle that can be very authetnic.

The skill that I am recently focusing on is outsourcing and management. Knowing what you need, and getting someone else to do it. In its essence it’s management. My daily bread and butter, and I want to hyper focus that skill in moving things towards my own lifestyle side hustle.


If you got a skill that you can hustle, and you don’t have a job, maybe you don’t really need to look for one. Despite that jobs can be easy, they can be very taxing on you. Having that long commute is sucking the life out of your lifestyle. Furthermore you are obligated to show up, wether you feel like it or not. Hence, putting in the actual hours working from home, and being dilligent with what you do, is a next level. You can charge more per hour, and work less.

The only problem is that you will constantly be on the lookout for finding new work, and through this process, you will be able to open some opportunities that are not available to the employee. And you will get the best of both worlds. So keep hustling, keep improving your lifestyle based skills, learn how to build a side business, and you will get yourself on the right path towards accomplishing the lifestyle of your dreams.

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