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Readers turn to our iOS and Android apps every day to tap into the best stories on Medium — looking for perspectives and inspiration from their favorite writers, passionate experts, and world leaders. And more and more, people use our app to read the latest content from their favorite Medium publications.

Thousands of popular publications have emerged on Medium — including Bill Simmons’s The Ringer, influential tech outlets like Backchannel, Bloomberg Tech, and Hacker Noon, life learning hub The Mission, the inspiring Smart Girls from Amy Poehler, humor destinations like Slackjaw and Bullshitist, cultural commentary from The Hairpin, entertainment analysis sites like Film School Rejects and Cuepoint, poetry epicenters like Poets Unlimited, and content hubs from brands like Slack, Huge, Starbucks, and HubSpot. …

Enjoy reading and highlighting stories in the Medium iPhone app? Starting today, you can easily share your highlights with anyone right from your phone with just a tap:

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Tap a highlight to share anywhere.

Here’s how it works: When you’re reading a story, just tap a sentence or a highlight to select it and then tap “Share.” We’ll package it up into an image with a link that you can then share via any of your favorite apps: iMessage, email, Facebook, Twitter, Slack — heck, you can even save it to your photos or print it out as a poster and put it on your wall.

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Highlights also have a new look — featuring custom publication colors.

Highlights you share are also getting a fresh coat of paint.

We want to make it easy to highlight in Medium stories on mobile, but we all know that selecting text on a phone is hard.

First you have to long press on a word, and then drag those love handles left and right, up and down, and oh dang, it usually doesn’t work and you have to start over and try again. You feel like a fat fingered giant making a word sandcastle.

It’s more likely that you want to select, and then highlight, a whole bunch of well-formed words — words that together made you think, or that you disagree with, or that inspire you to write your own thing. …

The latest version of Medium for Apple iOS is rolling out to an App Store near you, and has two big updates in it.

Highlight Responses

We continue to be very excited about highlights, and since launching earlier this year your highlights have made Medium come alive — creating a shared reading experience with your network by surfacing the most interesting parts of a story. But highlights can also be a jumping off point — a seed for other ideas, and a foundation upon which you can develop your own thoughts.

Starting today, you can respond to highlights in the Medium iOS app.

I love reading, but I’m a damn slow reader.

These days, I have a 40 minute commute from Oakland into San Francisco, both ways, every day. It’s the perfect time to read, set aside just for me, ten times a week — but unfortunately I find it exceptionally difficult to read in the chaos of the commute.

So… I’ve been listening to audio books on my phone, and I love it. …

Apple, I have one small feature request.

I wouldn’t normally write about something small like this publicly, but it’s been driving me nuts for years and is the one thing that consistently makes me feel like I’m using my iPhone wrong.

It’s the volume change feedback when video is playing. You know what I mean:

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That’s a video of my nephew saying his first words. A magical moment shared instantly across the country, phone to phone, needlessly flubbed and visually obscured by this UI.

For me, there’s only two scenarios in which I change the volume on my iPhone: 1) when I’m listening to music or a podcast, and 2) when I’m watching a video. …

Dear Aspiring Bicycle Thief,

Not only did you fail to steal my beloved bicycle today, you destroyed it in the process — making it useless for both me and you.

I love this bicycle, have ridden thousands and thousands of miles on it all across the country, and now ride it every day to the BART station in Oakland on my way to work.

It’s a long time friend and companion — But I’d happily give it to you in an instant if you really do need it.

You took a crowbar to the frame, trying to bend off the U-Lock, bending the frame instead. And then just left it sitting there at the station— sad and crooked.

I’d rather you would have just stolen it, felt the wind in your hair a bit, and found whatever it is you’re looking for.

Good luck, Aspiring Bicycle Thief.


Brian Ellin ☕️

Here to learn. Working to build a sustainable transportation future @ridereport.

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