Brian Ellin ☕️
Mar 21, 2015 · 1 min read

Dear Aspiring Bicycle Thief,

Not only did you fail to steal my beloved bicycle today, you destroyed it in the process — making it useless for both me and you.

I love this bicycle, have ridden thousands and thousands of miles on it all across the country, and now ride it every day to the BART station in Oakland on my way to work.

It’s a long time friend and companion — But I’d happily give it to you in an instant if you really do need it.

You took a crowbar to the frame, trying to bend off the U-Lock, bending the frame instead. And then just left it sitting there at the station— sad and crooked.

I’d rather you would have just stolen it, felt the wind in your hair a bit, and found whatever it is you’re looking for.

Good luck, Aspiring Bicycle Thief.

    Brian Ellin ☕️

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