Why? Especially if you disagree today??

Len- because of the next sentence I wrote: “He saw me recording what he wrote and he said everything he said in a time and cadence that I could record it. I have to believe he wanted it passed on.”

Sensei was rarely so explicit. As I was writing all that transpired on that trip as his Otomo, asking him for permission to do so, it was quite jarring when the first thing he started this off with was about Doshu being a businessman.

I disagreed then and disagree now with what he said. I watch Doshu and Waka Sensei and consider them my leaders. I am honored to a small, remote outpost of their organization.

But I remember Sensei’s words as a touchstone for the future. Sensei knew much more than I could ever know about Hombu and what goes on there. Others should remember his opinions as well.

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