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Excess fat on the inner and outer thighs is a great concern for both men and women. No matter what sort of exercise you try, the fat deposits in these areas might not go away. Thigh liposuction is an answer to this problem. How is thigh liposuction performed? This is a question you might have in mind.

Before committing to undergo any plastic surgery procedure, it is essential to gather all available information about the procedure. Thigh liposuction, the name says it all. It is the procedure performed to remove the excess fat in the thighs and make them smooth and firm. Consult Dr. Brian Evans Plastic Surgery clinic for the best advice

Benefits of Undergoing Thigh Liposuction

· Excess fat is removed and skin tightened

· Can achieve a well proportioned body

· Can appear younger and youthful

· Clothes fit better

When you first approach the surgeon, he or she will check whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Then the surgeon will give you all details regarding the surgery and how it is performed.

What the Thigh Liposuction Surgery Involves

· The surgeon makes some markings on the body from where the fat has to be removed

· The patient will be administered general or local anesthesia

· The type of anesthesia provided depends on the patient’s conditions and techniques used

· Then the surgeon will make a tiny incision in the area for inserting a cannula

· The cannula is inserted to break up the fat deposits in the area

· The melted fat is conveniently suctioned out

These are the basics of thigh liposuction procedure. The results of the surgery will depend on the technique used and the experience of the surgeon.

Traditional liposuction methods requires general anesthesia and carries risks and complications. With the introduction of new advanced devices such as the triple-wavelength SmartLipo Triplex, it is now much easier to provide thigh liposuction treatment. It uses laser energy to liquefy the fat that is accumulated in the area. When advanced devices such as SmartLipo Triplex are used, it requires only local anesthesia. Moreover, this minimally invasive liposuction technique ensures outstanding results, faster recovery, and far less scarring. Follow all the instructions prescribed by your surgeon to safely recover from the procedure. However, it is recommended to take a few days off work to allow the body time to heal. This device is also useful to treat fibrous body areas such as male chest, abdomen, upper arms, and back area.

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All body contouring plastic surgery procedures for women would offer optimal results only with the right plastic surgeon. Dr. Brian Evans a Board-certified plastic surgeon whose private medical practice has been divided between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and the care of the burn-injured patient. Dr. Evans is currently a surgeon at the renowned Grossman Burn Centers at West Hills Hospital in West Hills, CA. He co-founded the Skin Deformities and Research Foundation and has lectured on Burn Reconstruction, Skin Cancer reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery.

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