Hillary Clinton

Here’s the thing: I’m happy to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton and not just because I have two daughters and want them to believe that everything is possible for them. I’m proud to vote for her because she served as a great senator in my state and was an excellent Secretary of State. I’m also happy to vote for her because she is a pragmatic leader who knows how to listen.

I know that there are idealists who struggle in this election. Bernie was an exciting candidate and his ideas were very progressive, the dream come true for many people. I wasn’t ever a Bernie supporter. I like some of his ideas, but I don’t see him as the guy to lead this country. Especially in comparison to Hillary Clinton.

But here’s the thing that I most want to say: I trust Hillary Clinton because I have no reason not to. The problem is that the Republicans have pushed so hard this idea that she can’t be trusted that too many have swallowed the nonsense. This began during the first Clinton campaign when she was seen as an “uppity” woman (which ought to be the best of compliments). While Bill Clinton was President, it became acceptable to call her “that bitch.” And when she was Secretary of State and the Repub machine went after her, it feels like even intelligent people fell for the lines.

I refuse to go in with the party of Trump, the party of Fox News, the party that hates women. I’m with Hillary and I’m damn proud to be voting for her.