Faso Needs to Demand Immediate Independent Russia Investigation

As tornadoes batter the poorest regions of our country, the Trump Administration is more concerned with the storm clouds that are gathering over Washington, D.C.

The revelation of the existence of a memo documenting a conversation between the President and the former director of the FBI has thrown into stark relief the need for an immediate, bi-partisan, thorough, and above all, transparent investigation into the closed-door dealings of this administration. The Democrats will discharge a petition this morning that will move this course of action forward.

Every Republican who refuses to join this endeavor reveals where they choose to stand in history. Representative John Faso has been in lock step with the Trump Administration for the past 117 days. It’s time for him to break ranks and do the job he was sent to Washington to do.

There is currently a bipartisan bill that would create this commission that is stagnating on the House floor. If I were in Congress, I would move quickly and decisively to bring it to a vote as soon as possible. It’s premature to talk about impeachment or other outcomes, but this talk should certainly be marked as a red line.

While none of us should jump to the kinds of conclusions that the mainstream media are obsessively jawing over, we must INSIST on subpoenas of the memos in question, former Director Comey’s OPEN testimony before Congress, and the naming of an independent prosecutor to take over the entire White House created mess. Otherwise, the American people will not be able to rely on their elected officials to execute the duties of their office — namely work on the matters that actually affect the working people of this nation: affordable healthcare, tax cuts, and job growth.