If UBI is implemented at the expense of every other social program, it makes the presumption that people helped by those programs are competent and capable of shifting to a life of managing their own money, budgeting, and not being exploited by the thousands who will line up to do so. Think of the most vulnerable people you’ve ever encountered and remember that they get the same amount of money. Now think of everyone from cigarette companies to bling social status brands to landlords who will want a piece of their easily divested wallets. There are forms of poverty that we have spent a long time partially solving, and UBI may make those forms of poverty much worse. We must be careful to make sure UBI is not a transfer of wealth from the needy to hucksters.
After Universal Basic Income, the Flood
Simon Sarris

This whole section is fine, except it’s extremely paternalistic. Just because people have become dependent on high-overhead assistance from the state doesn’t imply they can’t be weaned off. Also, fraud is still illegal and technology can help deter hucksters.