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The political decomposition of America is both irreversible and irreconcilable.

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The idea that liberalism, technological progress, and some kind of rational political deliberation will somehow overcome this rapidly deteriorating situation is dangerously naive.

Human agency and the political process itself have been progressively automated, coded, and subject to the logic of computational-capitalist power to the point that there is no way out other than a systemic breakdown, “an Event” of some kind, to re-polarize human consciousness so to emerge with a revitalized set of values, morals, and symbolic-linguistic awareness.

The point is not the fact that if either Biden or Trump wins, disaster will surely follow. The point is rather disaster is already here, it is present with us now, only waiting to fully mobilize itself into the sociopolitical domain so it can be really seen by human perception.

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writer, fillmmaker, theorist, founder The Way of the 12 Plants. Author of 13 books and director of 3 films. /

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