Capitalist globalization is a process of “becoming Same,” it a planetary process of capturing, not so much bodies, as it is minds, souls, and the human spirit into a network mediated by the synchronization of global capitalism and computational power.

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The seeming diversity that we see and hear so much of today is actually an ideological distortion, a distortion that is being forced upon the population by the neoliberal-managerial class to make us blind to the fact that what is being lost today is precisely the reality of the Other and the tremendous, tremendous diversity and potential care that goes along with contacting the Other’s embodied reality.

This is a short film I directed a couple of years ago that I just made public this week for the first time.

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It stars the extremely talented actor Jimmy LeBlanc who has been featured in films like “Spotlight,” “Gone Baby Gone,” and “Stronger” amongst others; the Kenyan bon actor Ted Ndinya, and James McCarthy. It was photographed by Jabari Canada and produced by Norman Lang.

The link is here

I think Claudia Conway, the daughter of Kellyanne Conway who has become a recent TikTok star, is making a very strong case for being the symbol of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual devastation that excess social media is having upon the lives of American teenagers and their families of origin.

Unfortunately, much of the American media has uncritically praised her as “a whistleblower” and “a hero,” but in fact this young girl is doing something that resembles digitally pimping out not only her own mother, but her very soul for any click, like, or view she can generate for her rapidly increasing following. …


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