Facebook’s algorithm isn’t surfacing one-third of our posts. And it’s getting worse
Kurt Gessler

Thanks for writing this, there isn’t much out there on the subject as is and I’m sure more and more people, like myself, are going to be hunting for answers.

I’m the managing editor of a smaller publication based out of Boulder, Colorado. With only 9.2k (non-paid-for) ‘likes’ we tend to have a hard time getting stories to lift-off on Facebook. Though even with a smaller reach, we’ve gone viral many times over and continue to provide our readers with exactly what they want to read— as Facebook suggests. This past week, however, we’ve seen our reach drop exponentially to laughable levels. Our past 6 posts have barely gone to 100 people each. 100! That’s a reach of currently .008%. Engagement is about the same, too. It’s absurd, really.

We don’t tend to put much stock into Facebook, we just don’t have the money for it and can’t find any logical reason to make videos. Videos do nothing for any news outlet if it’s simply posting them to Facebook—in fact, you’re making THEIR content FOR THEM. No thanks.

For a few years, we’ve just used other platforms to get our stories out. Places like Reddit and StumbleUpon are really receptive to what we write about and continue to be a viable place for an independent media outlet to thrive. Once advertisers, publishers and everyone else sees that giving money to Facebook isn’t in their best interest (as we see with digital ads now), they’re predictably going to drop like flies.