My Support of Hillary Clinton and My Role as a Superdelegate
Earl Blumenauer

No one expected anything else from TPP Earl. I think most Oregonians assume he has taken money from the “Hillary Victory Fund” and was always going to vote against his district’s wishes. The days of Earl being a champion of working families and the environment are long, long past. The reason he gets to keep his seat is that the party won’t run anyone against him in the primaries, and in a closed primary state that is a kiss of death to would be contenders, but no one expects anything from him anymore. Indeed, can you remember the last significant thing Earl passed? Exactly. There’s something about spending thirty hours a week begging for money that changes a man. Do it for years and there seems to be nothing left but a hollow husk of the leader he once was, and there really was a time that he was an inspirational leader. Just like with his TPP support he’ll follow the money and maybe, maybe deliver some small changes around the edges once in a great while. The system is too owned for voters to oust him now, but it will be on all of us to make sure he can never become a Senator.

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