2 For 1 Days

Thought exercise: How about breaking your days into 2 eight hour days and 8 hours sleep at night ?

Two for one: Each 8 hour day self replicates at different scales, morning and afternoon. Fractal. The important tasks repeat so you get 2 chances to win the day.

Here’s my outline, not to copy but to see what’s important to me:

DAY ONE M-F 6am-2pm

6–10am: Morning Ritual: meditate, small coffee, high level reading book form, journal pen paper, gym/ fitness (more granular look at Morning Ritual at bottom). Totally off tech, device free since previous evening.

10–10:30am: Devices (phone, computer) turned on. Respond to opportunity. Any difficult conversations have them NOW. Disregard the rest/extraneous.

10:30–12pm: Create: Write.

12–12:30pm: Guitar practice. Learn something difficult with a brief daily consistent practice time.

12:30 -1:30pm: Proactive calls/marketing, content (video) creation.

Note: Near ZERO social media. Create ~1 hour of streaming meditation videos per week @ FB/Insta and give myself an additional *ONE HOUR TOTAL of social media *per WEEK to interact with content and subscribers. Completely OFF all social platforms Friday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon (4 full days). One of my best decisions this year.

1:30–2pm: Read, rest. END DAY 1.

DAY TWO M-Th 2pm-10pm

2–2:30 Rest, read, nap (1–3x week as needed 10–15mins). Fractal sleep. Highly recommend when sub 7 hours sleep previous night.

2:30–4:30pm: Afternoon Ritual (replicates morning): MEDITATE AGAIN, read high level, gym again. (can be stretching only).

4:30–7pm: Teaching window: in person, by phone, streaming. Write/read/create on off days.

7–8pm: Circle back emails, calls, keep reading/learning.

8–10pm: shut down phone/devices. Social, GF, family, friends, non-passive Netflix.

10pm Lights out.

These two-for-one days repeat Tues thru Friday @ 2pm.

WEEKEND: Then I take the next 32 to 36 hours max (3 two-for-one days and one sleep) to celebrate, feast and enjoy. This might be called a cheat day. I prefer to call it a celebration window.

The business that gets done during this celebration window is incidental, but often material.

Sunday morning is for rest and exercise to END the “4 day weekend”.

Sunday evening is a relaxed version of Day 2 above and when the work week really begins.

Morning Ritual Workday

Monday mornings are won on Sunday night and Morning Rituals start the previous evening.

8pm: meditation 5–20 minutes and read fiction in book form or non-passive Netflix and chill. Mostly docs. Other than streaming video all other tech is off, no email, text etc after 9pm.

Best is reading classic fiction in book (non-tech) form. Phone is off.

Sleep 6–8 hours, non-negotiable.

5–6am: Wake up. Not a 4:30 militant. *Most important is sleep duration, minimum of 7 hours most nights. If I wake up middle of night and cannot sleep, I get up meditate for 40 minutes then go back to sleep until I have 7 hours minimum.

First thing, meditate 20–30 minutes, non-negotiable. Zafus located throughout house. Get some fucking zafus in your life.

7–8am: Walk to coffee shop with pen, paper and book (Zen, high level, Stoic texts, Bible)

Drink 1 black small coffee (cycle off caffeine on weekends) Gratitude, journaling and read, learn, remind myself what I’m doing here. One hour.

8–9:30am: Walk to gym: pull-ups, dips, no impact cardio, stretching, breathing exercise, steam room, cold shower.

Walk home, power on devices btw 9–10am. Phone off for minimum 12 hours at night.

Respond to warranted incoming. Any difficult conversations handle now.15–30 minutes.

Write, create: 1–4 hours.

By 11am I’ve won the day. It does not matter what happens the rest of the day which includes business calls, my meditation classes and private 1–1 clients.

I’ve limited my social media window to 3–4 days: Tuesday afternoon thru Friday afternoon where I use FB livestream for meditation classes, and to proactively interact with students and friends.

I do NOT proactively watch nor consume any “news”.

I try to LAUGH most of the day, also.

Weekends are for my girlfriend, family and friends and while many of the above is non-negotiable, the timing may change while traveling.

The point is not to copy this but to think differently about time and structure.

“Life is long if you know how to live it.” -Seneca