Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art tells the hard truth.

You are resisting something.

Join the club. All humans are resisting something. The rare few who DECIDE to overcome this resistance are the ones who succeed.

Meditation allows for us to see things clearly, as our big resistance may not be obvious. Ask what is the last thing I want to do today? Will this “last thing” help me in the long run?

As important, meditation gives us the knowing that it is OUR DECISION and WITHIN OUR POWER to act.

It’s a choice.

Meditation also helps in rapidly getting us more comfortable with discomfort and therefore better at blasting through resistance.

Resistance is always uncomfortable.

The act itself will set you free.

Maybe that means having that difficult conversation we’re avoiding. Maybe it means filing your incorporation docs. Maybe it’s ending a relationship.

Maybe it’s as Mr. Pressfield does, write for a few hours a day.


And here’s the key: The writing never has to see the light of day. It’s for you, your mind and the universe. As Pressfield tells, something magical happens when we dedicate time every day to the creative act.

The act of creation itself has built-in resistance.

In other words we are dedicating some hours a day to beating this force. If as a bonus we create some bankable content then great.

The magic that happens is the same magic that happens when we meditate every day, non-negotiable. It’s the same magic that happens when we wake up early every morning and hit the gym.

As Jocko Willink says, “Discipline equals freedom”

Short term pain for long term gain. Voluntary suffering now for zero suffering today.

These 3 resistance killers: meditation, writing (or any type of daily creative process) and physical training guarantee a full life, well lived.

A bold statement.

Is it true?

Would you agree it’s at least worth testing for a week?

Try this for one week and let us know:

1) Meditate 10–20 minutes, first thing in the morning, non-negotiable.

2) Exercise 15–30 minutes, second thing in the morning, non negotiable.

3) Write: free form, journal, tell a story, create: 1–2 hours, third thing, non-negotiable. If its helpful, read from a high level text: The Bible, zen writings, stoic philosophy for a bit and write about what you learned in your own words.

Do these 3 things for 7 days and see what happens.