The End of Trump

Donald Trump said this in Iowa yesterday according to media accounts.

“We’re in this thing together, folks. We’ve got to get out of it.”

It was part of a tirade where he personally attacked basically every candidate for everything but their policy proposals as a candidate. Hillary Clinton for being a woman, Marco Rubio for being Hispanic, Ben Carson for being a doctor, Carly Florina for having kind of a different name. The speech is pretty close to the tipping point for Don. He is reaching the end of his latest performance. He has been doing this ever since he came on the scene years ago. It is good he is having his last episode of verbal urination on the public. The clean-up can begin soon.

None of this is surprising either. How he has lasted thing long is beyond comprehension. It is getting closer and closer to cast your vote time and now, the campaigns that are doing their daily work, paying attention, are surging. Donald has his core voters who were just looking for someone who told it like it is.

The attacks will get more vicious and ugly and then he will fade into the night. Those who keep it professional, even if there policies are questionable and their facts are wrong, will solider on into this most ridiculous of Presidential campaigns. But when Donald Trump eases out, some order might return to the politics. This is not to say our politics are not broken but Trump was not here to fix them; he just thought he could win by being nasty and insulting. I guess he knows now; there is a limit even to trash politics.

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