Great post, Brian. Some really great points.
Kindra F.

Thanks Kindra.

Love your response.

Funny about Anthony Burgess. I have to chuckle because while this is purely conjecture on my part, it seems that most artists, whether they‘re’ writers, painters, musicians, etc., always consider a much less heralded piece as their favorite. So it looks like I’m well on my way.

And The Crossover is definitely something for me to consider. I never wrote before there was this thing called blogging. And it took me about ten years to hitch my wagon to it so I’m not sure I ever needed to crossover from anything. But being here now, I don’t think I’d ever not publish anything I’ve written. Of course that is until after I release the deeper, darker posts that I’m saving for the perfect time.

Thanks again for your feedback. I really enjoyed reading your comment. I’ve read it a bunch of times already and I still have many more to go before I fully embrace what you’ve written.