It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

This is a very eye opening read. Thank you for sharing it. I love how you put it together. It is informative without unnecessarily blaming white people. You understand that ignorance is the main culprit to blame. With all of that being said,I believe that this is the way to defeat ignorance as opposed to violence and loitering. We live in an ever changing society and cultural norms are always changing. I think the solution,maybe,is just accepting people as different by design. God created us all differently. We are all normal,using that word lightly,in the culture in which we have been raised. Example:I am white and live in the south. That doesn't mean that I am dumb and racist. An idea that a lot of northerners might think. Not all I might add. Just as not all northerners are rude and unconcerned about others. I live in Louisiana so I have been in a black and white culture my whole life. Black people are different then white and that is OK. Just as Americans are different than Middle Easterners. There is no need to change them to the norm we have accepted. We should embrace difference with the love our God has shown us all.

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