Please Remember My Black Son
Matt Stauffer

Very eye opening and convicting read. You are correct,you have a front row to understanding. Most of us,white people,do not. You are making a difference and you are correct. We need to empathize with our fellow human beings. We are in a country that is known a s the melting pot because we are proud to be diverse. However,being different than than a white man is different than any other racial divide. I am coming to realize that,as a race, white people are blissfully ignorant to what it means to be any other race. We have to start intentionally looking to see it. Believe me,I am 40 years old and am just coming to this realization that racism is still alive and well in America. It is,I believe, and am hopefully right,dying with the older generations.However, those older generations have taught us younger generation,not intentionally,I don’t think to treat others differently. We can,and must continue the trend to allow our children to see everyone as human and not black or white or mexican or middle eastern or whatever the case may be. Children LEARN to be diverse. It will take many years and generation to change this but it is happening. Eyes are being opened,people are listening. We all have the task of sharing this idea of equality even when,and usually is, uncomfortable. Just remember that a lot of it is ignorance and not racism. God created us all different. There must be a reason. I believe it is to understand that life is not based on pleasing ourselves.

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