On Being a Black Man

Very good and informative read. Believe it when I say,”you are making a difference”,just understand that when words offend you they aren’t always meant to. I am coming,quickly,to understand that there is a lack of compassion for other humans in our couture. There is a lack of empathy. Case in point,people feel if it isn’t affecting them then it is none of there business. Of course, we created that monster as well. However,with all that being said,speaking the way you are,on paper,in writing, is a way to open eyes in a very non-threatening way. I am a white man living in the south,so I don’t see it,unless,I look for it. So consider your article a tool to help people look for it and to be active in the fight against it. I hesitate to use the word fight since it has come to mean violence. Knowledge and wisdom is the key here to opening hearts to the compassion and sympathy needed to fight this epidemic that is eating our country alive. I am a firm believer in Christ and he teaches that the the first thing we are to do in this life is to love HIM. Next,is to love people. Loving people,WHEREVER, and WHOEVER they are. That means loving people that are different. Not just in color but in religion,creed,location,even those that hate me. Not an easy thing to do. But it is my charge. Keep doing what you are doing and never give up hope. Try to find the positives in all the negative.

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