What Do Pillows, Mattresses, Office Chairs, And Shoes All Have In Common?

If you spend a third of your life in anything, don’t be afraid to spend some money on it.

I like to consider myself a pretty thrifty person. I rarely buy things I don’t need and I do my best not to waste money. However, there are a few things I never hesitate to spend money on. My shoes, pillow, and mattress are always high quality no matter what the price is. When I had an office job, my chair was a good one too.

That’s not to say they are always expensive, but price has very little influence on my purchasing decision of those items.

Shoes, pillows, mattresses, and office chairs might sound like odd choices to spend money on, but we spend more time using those few things than almost anything else in our lives.

For the most part, I only wear one pair of shoes and I wear them 12–14 hours a day. That means I spend roughly half my life in my shoes. Considering that, $150 doesn’t sound like a very high price for a comfortable shoe. Assuming a pair of shoes lasts me a year, that’s about $0.03 per day to ensure my feet don’t hurt when I get home at night. Well worth the investment.

Along those same lines, most people spend a huge part of their day sitting at their desk. If I have to sit for 8 hours, my chair better make that easier. I know good chairs are way overpriced and seem insanely expensive and your employer probably supplies you one that seems to work just fine. But how does your back feel at the end of the day? Are you as productive as you could be if you were comfortable at your desk? Having a high quality chair will have a huge influence on your quality of life at work. Save some pennies and get a good chair.

Your pillow and mattress fall into this category too. Most people spend 8–10 hours in bed each night. Again, that’s roughly a third of your life. So many people I talk to wake up with a sore back or a neck that hurts and I think many of them could be solved with a new pillow or mattress. Just like chairs, mattresses are way overpriced, but if you shop around, you can find some great deals. Right now, I’m sleeping on the best mattress I’ve ever had it was around $700. It will last many years also making the investment smaller overtime.

Between those four items, you are probably spending two thirds of your life in one of them. For a few thousand dollars, you can have a huge impact on how good that time is. It is well worth the money to make sure you have good shoes, a comfortable chair, and a bed and pillow that lets you wake up pain free and well rested.

Save some money and upgrade if you need to. It will surely be worth it!

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