I have zero attacks against you as a person: I don’t know you and frankly don’t much care who you…
Sara Wachter-Boettcher

From your article, under the section “Design for Real People”:
“ Quit painting a thin layer of cuteness over fundamentally broken interfaces.”

You are accusing Apple of putting out a fundamentally broken interface, putting joke responses, and then naming it “Siri”.

Like I alluded to in my first response to this post, it is not the interface that is fundamentally broken. It is your view, or expectations, of what this program is supposed to be and what it must bring to the public life, that is fundamentally flawed. ….And maybe just not yours, but society’s as well.

Apple has no obligation here. They make a product. They market a product. They offer an experience. …Whether or not they are programmed to help in crisis, is not something they are obligated to.

If they do not want to lose customers over this, then they can consider to address this in their next update. And, they did. …Good guy Apple.

However, there is no obligation or guarantee to provide “delight”, help in crisis, or other such things outside of “Terms Of Use” contracts and other applicable laws.

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