Sure, if you think that AI mocking someone in distress is hilarious.
Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Perhaps I can better explain where he was coming from.

In saying “Is this a joke?”, he was talking about your overall tone in the article.

That tone being that Apple purposefully took the time to route suicidal users to gun stores (can be explained by picking up the word “shooting”, and finding gun stores. Such as “Where can I go shooting?”). Or that when the user poses questions implying domestic abuse, they programmed it to mock them. (Maybe they can pick out implied phrases better with today’s algorithm, but I still doubt it would be reliable. Like Google Translate not being able to properly translate the true meaning to the other language…. Especially, when one uses their language improperly.)

However, you clearly responded in a way that you think he thought that directing and mocking in-crisis people is funny.

I wish you would have read the rest of his comment, since he explained it was your tone of the article (not exactly in my words, but essentially). …But, I imagine you are a moral person and was slightly enraged at the audacity to laugh at such a thing….. Causing you to not read the rest of his comment, or understand it.

I’m sure you may get a lot of nasty comments or what not, but in this case…. I think an apology is owed.

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