I have zero attacks against you as a person: I don’t know you and frankly don’t much care who you…
Sara Wachter-Boettcher

You “attacked” “men” with your comment that was made in response to his. Male is an attribute of a person (specifically gender, it can be looked at as the binary-value genetic distinction between XX and XY), which falls under ad hominem.

For a person who was at the pub to make such a thoughtful, and rather readable, post is rather remarkable.

…If your argument is to say that it is a fundamentally broken system over this, then you are the one mistaken. He did not misrepresent your argument, he addressed it sincerely.

The biggest misrepresentation here is your orientation on this issue.

Apple did it’s part in this matter and fixed it. If you don’t like how it was done, how about you constructively help instead of just lambasting the same dead horse? Put some effort out there and find other cases where it is not helpful to people in crisis. …If they were truly malicious, they would not have fixed the issue.

(This is capitalism and democracy. Not the Reich of Sara Ann Marie…)

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