Hot reloading with create-react-app without ejecting 🔥 ⏏️

…and without react-app-rewired.

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Image for post
Very awesome but way-too-serious photo for this article because I guess the theme is “hot”? So, like “fire”? Aziz Acharki on Unsplash
Gist from Charlie Gleason’s post on “Hot Reloading + create-react-app"

There’s a “webpack-shaped” hole in my brain

Attempting to understand


if ( {'./library.js', function() {
// Do something with the updated library module...
if ( {'./App', () => {
const NextApp = require('./App').default;
// render with new App here

Other cool stuff

entry: [
require.resolve(‘webpack-dev-server/client’) + ‘?/’, require.resolve(‘webpack/hot/dev-server’),


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UX Developer @ Indeed // Previously: Accenture, IBM, Carbon Design System

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