20 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is The One To Beat Trump In 2020 (*Backed By Data)

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1. He’s on track to win the 2020 primaries.

2. He’s the most likely to win the Electoral College.

That alone would have deprived Trump of 26 electoral votes, reducing his grand total of 304 down to just 278. Remember, 270 is what’s needed to win it all. Sanders, as the 2020 nominee, could nearly deny Trump the presidency by turning blue two states that he’s already won. He also has the popularity to flip Pennsylvania and Ohio. Even Trump’s personal pollster, Tony Fabrizio, concedes, “I think Sanders beats Trump.” Sanders has “the ability to reach a lot of the less than college-educated, low-income white voters.”

3. He’s the most popular politician in the country.

4. The kids are crazy about him.

5. He’s a savage on social media.

Sanders’ team first developed and refined this approach during the 2016 primaries. When a bird landed on Sanders’ podium in Portland, his digital team converted the once-in-a-lifetime moment into viral multimedia and an online fundraising windfall.

Sanders and Aviram understand that while a live speech like Carrey’s can influence the millions watching in real time, capturing that moment and turning it into a viral video can reach tens of millions more in the days ahead. Aviram uses text cards (or subtitles) in his videos to convey the most important messages, while allowing viewers to follow along with their volume off, which most viewers prefer. It’s the ripple effect that social media enabled, and the production techniques that Sanders’ team perfected, that allow a moment like Carrey’s to live on and even reach a targeted audience segment.

6. He’s the undisputed leader of the progressive movement.

7. His supporters are as passionate as anyone’s.

It’s not all about cult of personality either. Sanders has a long history of talking about, and fighting for, the issues that most Americans care about. Voters have caught on to the influence big money has on our politics. They know that politicians represent the people, or too often, the special interests, that fund their political campaigns. When it comes to tackling big issues like climate change, voters trust Sanders’ integrity.

8. He’s the king of grassroots fundraising.

9. His message resonates with Trump voters.

10. He’s a leading voice on environmental justice.

11. He has more experience and organizational readiness than the rest of the field.

12. He has crossover appeal that his competitors lack.

“Yeah but he’s not even a Democrat.” Democrats must consider whether this is precisely why he’s so popular. More Americans identify as independents than Democrats or Republicans, so why not run one, especially at a time when the Democratic Party is the least popular it’s been in 25 years and Sanders offers an opportunity to change that?

13. He may not be a Dem, but he’s given Dems life.

14. He’s stronger than ever due to the DNC’s reforms.

In 2020, Sanders can rest assured that the superdelegates won’t tip the scales in his opponent’s favor. Since passing sweeping reforms in August, the Democratic Party decided superdelegates will no longer be allowed to vote on the first ballot, meaning they can no longer determine electoral outcomes, except in contested conventions.

15. He may be in his 70’s, but so too are his main competitors.

16. He may be old and white, but minorities like him.

17. He may be a socialist, but so too are growing numbers of Americans.

18. He’s authentic.

Last time Sanders ran, he was still the most popular candidate, but he didn’t have the national profile he enjoys today. The fact that he’s remained as well liked as he has, while becoming as well known as he has, is a rare feat indeed considering the amount of mudslinging and divisiveness in modern American politics. Sanders, who’s critical of Republicans and Democrats alike, stands out as one of the few authentic voices in an otherwise broken two party system that he insists requires a political revolution to fix.

19. He represents the change most Americans want.

20. His interest in running isn’t for the power, it’s for the people.

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