This is for them

We face a once in a generation choice.

Sitting here overseas watching the presidential contest in its final painful days is almost surreal. The polls have started to tighten and Trump’s chances have improved over the last week. In so many ways this is unbelievable.

It is is beyond my comprehension how Trump is even in this position, so close to the most powerful and influential position on the planet. If he was elected it would fundamentally and irreversibly change our historic trajectory as a nation. His vision for America is negative, limiting, narrow and dangerous. His view and treatment of women is appalling. And his lack of knowledge staggering. And yet here we are. On the brink of potentially making a colossal error.

Or we can make a decision for our kids and their future. We can choose to continue our country on a course of more openness, tolerance and wider opportunity for more people. It is that stark.

Ultimately, we are not voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump this year. We are voting for all of our kids. And especially we are voting for our daughters who need to know they can be whatever they want to be—and we will need them as our leaders as we progress through this century.

We have big stuff to do. We can’t squander this opportunity. The whole world is watching and most importantly our kids are watching.

Let them know that this time you are casting your vote for them.