Everyday is Throwback Thursday #TBT

*Originally written by me on April 23, 2013

I stood with my foot firm against the Throwback Thursday “movement” for months on end until I cracked two weeks ago. I decided to post several old school pictures on my Facebook to share with my peers. I am happy to say it had my friends and I reminiscing the good times or even just crack a smile for some from a picture of me from “back in the day.” I got over 40 likes on a picture which is above average on a post for me.

The reason I was not a fan of Throwback Thursday was because it has seem to become a day where users tend to post random photos from the past to share on their social networks, mainly with Facebook and Instagram. The content may reflect a user reminiscing the good ol’ days while studying abroad or of the adventures back at summer camp. The time of year can definitely be correlated with the types of pictures people post, but it seems pretty random for the most part.

Why would one or myself choose a photo from a random day rather than a picture that ACTUALLY happened on that day in past years? Great idea huh? Well thank you Timehop. I mean seriously, it’s absolutely brilliant! Timehop is an awesome service which actually tells you what you did that day on social media in past years. It can be accessed via email, web, or mobile app. For example, today is April 23, 2013 and my Timehop feed would show me what I posted on social media on April 23 in 2012, 2011, 2010, etc. Users are able to connect their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr accounts and even SMS messages.

#TBT may be a phase but the concept of Timehop is here to stay. The opportunity I see for them is huge! Here are some comments and thoughts about how Timehop can affect us and even potential to monetize with brands:

  • Documentation: What and how we post on social media. Now that I am a satisfied and daily Timehop user, I can honestly say that it even affects my behavior when posting new content on social media. I know that in a year from now (and every year after) I will be seeing the content I am positing on my accounts. Aka others and myself are posting with more intent to be more complete and comprehensive in the future.
  • Behavior: Although I’m guilty from time to time, you certainly won’t see posts from me anymore that just state “yesssssss” after I’ve witnessed a Yankees victory on TV while it’s happening. I’ve seen past posts on my Timehop feed that are so general that it almost makes me a little frustrated at myself because I can’t figure out what I had been referring to!
  • Content Library: The potential for brands to have an extremely creative way to connect with their audience. I’m not talking about traditional advertising, this could be a unique way to extremely engaging and relevant. Speaking of sports, the announcers recall days in history of a franchise very frequently during the broadcast. For example, a day in history Babe Ruth when hit a walk off home run in World Series game 7 to lead the Yankees to victory. Timehop can be a resource for brands to share more relevant content, such as history and moments to their audience. This movement appears to be most succesfull the the content is relevant and sparks emotion bringing them back to life.
  • Monetization: Advertising and exclusive deals/discounts. Posts about travel: Targeted with travel agencies, airlines, and hotels. (Hey, remember this trip last year? Here’s a great deal for your next trip!) Sports games: Targeted with ticketing sites and sporting good retailers. I imagine it show upcoming games within the week, month,etc. (Remember last year’s game, check out last minute cheap tickets to tonight’s game) Concerts: Targeted with albums, new concerts, artist apparel, memorabilia, and news/songs about those artists. My head is all over the place here, but you get the point :)

We all have smart phones these days and because of that, we are posting on social media in a real time more than ever. The behavior or taking a ton of pictures and waiting until the end of the trip is no longer the default for many of us. We want to share in real time and continue the engagement in real time. The documentation of our lives are making us better historians! I strongly suggest you download Timehop, start reminiscing, and relive the experiences you’ve had!

*Additional context below updated on June 27th, 2017

Most people don’t know that “Timehop began as 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo, a product created at Foursquare’s first ever Hackathon in February 2011. The original intention was to build the “mariokart ghost for the real world,” a service that would replay your past foursquare checkins over your present in real time. In an effort to ship sooner, the product was simplified into a daily email.” (source)

I was included in a closed beta group through Timehop about 5 years ago when they would simply send a daily email! My user_id was 2 or 3 digits and I felt like a boss to be on that list with an id so close to Zuckerberg haha.

It’s cool to now see that Facebook has been pushing a lot with “On this day” where you see memories at the top of your feed every morning! It’s always cool to see concepts that you believe in, prove to be valuable…

Since I originally written this article, I’ve leveraged my marketing and brand building skill set to build up my Instagram profile to a community of 11k followers. On my Facebook profile, I have become a better “historian” because I know that I will be seeing my posts at the top of my newsfeed everyday.

I enjoy predicting how trends will scale. It’s always a great confirmation when your predictions turn out to be correct because it confirms that your mind is in the right place. If your mind is in the right place, you will always cook up something new!

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