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Brian Herschaft
Aug 10, 2015 · 2 min read

In the 2015 billion-dollar food delivery war, things are heating up. Blue Apron and Plated are dominating the ingredient delivery/DIY space while Seamless and Munchery are owning the prepared food space. It feels like a new food delivery startup is popping up on Product Hunt everyday.

As an entrepreneur, I love this business model because they are helping people make decisions and more importantly, saving people time. So when a box of pre-portioned ingredients with a recipe card shows up on your doorstep, you’re really buying yourself time.

You save time by not browsing recipes on Pinterest for hours and eventually coming up empty-handed. You save time by not going to Trader Joe’s and waiting on the checkout line for 45 minutes. You save time by not realizing that your recipe actually takes an hour to cook even though it’s already 9PM.

That’s why I built Recipe Hunt, a Product Hunt/Pinterest/Instagram/Blue Apron-inspired recipe site that focuses on saving you time and energy. Recipe Hunt provides curated 5-ingredient recipes from high-quality bloggers.

I took it a small step further by giving users the ability to purchase the ingredients with a few clicks through Instacart, which delivers from Whole Foods and Fairway. Only the first 6 recipes are “shoppable” because adding the Instacart functionality had a VERY manual component to it. If the analytics show extremely high clickthrough rates, and I receive feedback that the shoppable URL is amazing, then I may figure out a more dynamic solution. But I most certainly won’t be guessing on that piece before investing resources.


  • Web: Desktop and Mobile Responsive
  • Users can Create an Account, Like or Comment
  • Categories (currently broken URLs: will fix asap, but you can utilize by adjusting the URL therecipehunt.com/categories/[category_name]) Here are Breakfast & Chicken categories.
  • Top 6 Recipes are shoppable
  • And most importantly, time-saving ready!

This was a project is a passion, and I enjoy making tweaks when I think of new ideas. I know it’s a bit rough around the edges, but I’m thinking about the big picture here, and I’d love to hear your feedback about the core concept of Recipe Hunt in the comments!

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