The Three-Part Process Philosophy for Our Times, Waxed in Prose

Reality emerges through the pores of the godhead.
It whistles with the air and smells of sage.
Steady, settled high above the peak of Lone Mountain
Clouds paint the sky surreal.
Across the Way
Nestled in the green August valley
We experience the undulations of an everlasting light.
A hawk haws in the distance.

Synchronous happenings of divine intervention.

Thinking happenstances created by your attention.

As you believe in yourself,

perceive in yourself the holy spark.

Receiving direction from the four winds,

where there is no X there is no mark.

As you cross time and space,

as you recognize yourself in the environment,

You look into the face of God in his retirement.

Gaze into the future of your being

through this seeing.

Consciousness decreeing in this great agreeing:

The mighty goddess of Gaia forever reborn.

Beyond the illusions of Maya there is no scorn.

Here and now, as one with the Tao

Eternal in our pursuit, we bow.

Before the dawn, there is rain.

Nothing to look upon, no pain.

As a vessel of light I look in

To the divine love of my kin.

Souls before me and beyond

All that entails will be spawned

By this seeing, here in the pitter-patter of sense vibration.

All manifestation recognize this declaration:

I am here. I am free. I am infinite.

Get used to it!

Sunday morning and the clouds are thick.

Peering through the shell like a baby chick…

I am in awe of what I see.

Could it be, all this is really me?

Infinite consciousness layered through fractals like a tree;

In this life, is there a key?

Is there a purpose, is there a way through?

What do we imagine we are here to do?

To play, to dance, to survive and reproduce?

Whatever it is I will keep it loose…

Silly goose! Thinking is what has you sinking.

Be light and find the delight in play.

Go, now, have a lovely fucking day.

Open this moment

For love to call

Your name.

I think of you

Across seasons, beyond time

We are here together

And it feels so good.

Touch points

Aligned in rapport;

A resonance for the ages.


Do you sense

Awareness has to offer us

In this life

Where we can be everywhere

At once, nowhere all the same?


Together we are the

Resonance of erotica.

Brian Hoffstein

Every step is on the path.

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