The Next Step in Cloud Computing: Serverless Computing

The developments in the cloud computing space have been taking place very rapidly. While the industry is still trying to get along with on-demand infrastructure prerequisites, the majority of the cloud providers have already turned to Serverless Computing.

Serverless cloud computing Imgsrc: Hackernoon

Serverless computing endows a novel way of building cloud-based applications for organizations which ultimately shifts the heavy infrastructure lifting responsibility to the cloud service providers.

By this, developers will be able to focus on creating applications without worrying about the storage allocations, and it also reduces the operational burden on an organization. Some of the popular cloud computing service providers such as Microsoft Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Functions, have added FaaS to their list of offerings.

Serverless Computing service has been adopted widely because of the cost benefits that come with it and is cheaper when compared to the auto scaling servers. One of the main benefits of serverless computing is that it is a pay as you use model.

The users need to pay only for the run time of their function and they don’t have to pay for the unused functions. The use of the function as a measure of execution and mode of service delivery is also the reason why serverless computing is characterized ReadMore

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