What Drives Men to Rape?
Emma Lindsay

I agree with your analysis of the ongoing capitalistic structure that pushes these ridiculous roles, but I believe that you left out the biological reasons that existed before capitalistic structure.

There are many tribal cultures in which running over to the neighboring village, attacking the men, and “taking the women as wives” is the way in which tribes guaranteed their “survival”.

I think that modern capitalistic structure is a (shitty) mirroring of specific biological outgrowth, one which was Darwinningly designed to propel the rapid growth of the human race.

The key point is — we don’t need this shit anymore in fact — it is now performing the opposite of what it was supposed to do. Testosterone filled and emotionally childlike creatures with their fingers on nuclear weapons is counter to the survival of the human race. As is misogyny, as is rape, as is nationalism, as is the perpetuation of gender specific ideals.

These behaviors are deeply situated in human psyche, and changing them requires more work by Darwin, which can be accelerated by conscious thought and discussion. So thanks for that.

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