WTF Do You Mean: “Take Our Country Back?”

Tonight, I heard Steve “Darth Vader” Bannon on a recorded video from February 18th, 2017 saying: “Let our sovereignty come back to ourselves,” and “if you think [the media] are going to give you your country back, you are sadly mistaken.”

So, that begs the questions — if I don’t have my country now, who has it, why did they take it from me, and where is it?

First off Bannon, the media doesn’t have my country, and the generic media doesn’t have a specific agenda. Individual organizations may have an agenda that they push, such as Fox news, or even individuals, such as Bill O’Reilly #ShitInHisFaceAndHaveHimEatIt, or, me. But “the media” doesn’t have control over something that is making their existence better, through financial incentives, or job creation, or delivered freedoms. The media didn’t take my country away from me.

Or perhaps, you don’t care about me. Perhaps I’m not included in the group of people that you are speaking to. Perhaps you have a specific group in mind.

I wonder who that group could be.

Because, you see, you bloated deadfish bobblehead excuse for a human being, you’re 6 years older than me, and so the era that you and I both grew up in belongs to us both. You, with your pro-Kennedy Dad (you know, I grew up 300 yards away from JFK’s birthplace), and your floundering about during your educational years before settling on capitalistic fuck-the-other-guy ethics. And me, too. Yes, me, with my upper middle-class existence in Brookline, MA, living across the street from Michael Dukakis, being part of the community, but also not, at times being spat upon by the likes of ignorant youths who were raised in the wrong town by their immigrant Irish-Catholic parents.

I traveled. I took care of and supported my mother through her illness ridden years, from my age 13 through 17. I traveled cross-country to California, with many stops in between. I shucked oysters, and washed pots and pans, and cooked at a gourmet restaurant, and rode motorcycles and played bass, and lived. Lived in this already great, already fantastic country of ours.

Could our country use improvement? Of course. Does it need to “belong” to someone other than its constituents? Absolutely not.

So, I wonder again, who could that group be, that group that will “take back” this country — the thing that you, Bannon, want to tell them that was solely theirs.

If you know, will you tell me? Because as far as I can tell, this country belongs to me, and all of my Jewish friends in Brookline, MA, and all of my intelligent and reasoned Republican and Libertarian friends, and all of my politically diametrically opposed acquaintances, from the well spoken ones to the villain-like ones like you.

This country isn’t yours to give away or take back. It’s mine, godammit, and I will be damned if I will let someone else try to tell me or anyone else different.

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