Fear and Dreams — Saturn/Jupiter sextile going on right now

Hmm just noticing Jupiter is sextiling Saturn in the sky right now. This is a harmonious aspect and not something really major. I think it’s interesting though how I was just researching saturn/jupiter for a client and then hey here it is in the sky. I love being in the flow and connected to the universe like this.

So saturn/jupiter together can mean slowly building (Saturn) towards one’s dreams (Jupiter). Or a lot of fear and doubt around one’s dreams.

I was experiencing both today practicing basketball. A whole bunch of superego issues came up as the sport can inherently turn performance base, and for me really anything in life can be performance based (i.e. ‘I gotta make sure I do the right thing or I’m gonna hate myself!’). Funny as Jupiter also enlarges whatever it touches and Saturn represents authority and our inner critic.

So here I am building slowly towards my hoop dreams (relatively modest though they may be, I am 33 after all with no intention or prayer of trying out for the NBA). There’s conflict between Saturn’s fears and wanting security, security, security, and Jupiter’s desire to go big for what one wants without necessarily considering reality so much.

Funny to see this even with a sextile. Then again I have Saturn and Jupiter pretty strong in my own natal chart. Saturn exalted in Libra in the 1st quincunxing my Sun as part of a YOD , Jupiter at home in Sagittarius opposing my Sun. So there’s already a helluva lot of personal energy geared towards accomplishing big dreams but surrounded by a ton of doubt and self criticism.

Ultimately Saturn/Jupiter can develop in time (a definite Saturn thing) with maturity to accomplish things as Jupiter has the big vision and energy drive and Saturn has the slow, steady, practical unfolding needed to actually manifest anything.

So now might be a good time to harness some of this energy to work towards our long term goals, just realizing our inner critic and doubts and ‘shoulds’ might pop up to disarm us.

This aspect between Jupiter and Saturn also happens again later this year in August.