On Team Sports and Politics
Glenn Beck

Mr. Beck,

That is a very thoughtful and thought provoking article. I’ll very gladly forgive a couple of sports-related detail inaccuracies that jumped out to me in the interest of a spectacular metaphoric comparison. It’s interesting, I often have sat in a stadium full of roughly 60,000 people impassioned about a game we have formalized, organized and built up to something that one not in deep thought would believe seriously matters. Certainly, God never does care when someone wins the Super Bowl, World Series, or whatever. BUT, off of that, your political insight into the comparison you drew for us ought to have folks from both parties reading this article of yours with newfound perspective. But as you unfortunately know, many would see the name Glenn Beck and look no further. I have a desire to share this with many and ask friends to read it with their own open minds, hoping that we all open them further. But I am fully aware that certain of my friends on Facebook and elsewhere immediately turn off their minds to my political thoughts as well, so I doubt they would read it. It they might read it, and from historical experience, I suspect they would just call this “another of Brian’s “FoxNews-type” posts”. And I haven’t posted anything remotely opinion-pushing about this election/election season at all.

So, I will leave you with my highest compliments on your very mind-expanding article here. Thank you for that!

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