The Web Standards We Need: Part I — Tightening the Feedback Loop (an experiment)

Understanding Barriers to Participation

There are a number of reasons that this is the case — a lot of them are historical legacy.

Removing Barriers: Challenges

There are several challenges to removing these barriers. The Extensible Web Manifesto lays out a few guiding principles that help: The aim of experimenting outside of browser implementations (prollyfills) means that it’s plausible that participation could actually yield you real value soon and allow you to provide feedback. But who is writing them? We need involvement. But what if suddenly even 1% of developers were involved in standards in the traditional fashion? We’d go from dozens of emails on a particular list in a day to thousands — and a whole lot of that would be noise. We need some concrete, new experiments toward fixing this problem.


To this end, several of us around the world have been consulting and we have something we’d like to try. We’re calling it “Chapters”.

Thanks to Darrel Miller

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