It’s time to start shaming people for not switching to clean energy.
Paul Scott

Absolutely. The way I see it we need to cut anchor on climate deniers who in most cases aren’t even being honest with themselves — especially political figures who refuse to see past the lobbying dollars falling into their pockets. Why keep giving these morons free press?

I think we need to stop wasting limited time and energy doing generalized protests that the sky is falling. Sure, it’s falling, but continuing to do more of the same shit we’ve always done roughly along what amounts to partisan lines will get us the same place it’s always gotten us: NOWHERE.

Frankly, I’m disgusted that the number of people in my town of 20,000 who drive legitimate electric cars amounts to a rounding error. And I’m disgusted with every single person who buys a new petrol car. At this point I’m not even willing to adjust my language for the fringe cases of people who purportedly “need” a gas car. Should I or anyone else have sympathy for that paltry percentage of people or should we reserve our concerns for future generations whose world we’re setting fire to?

The point is, we know we have a very serious problem — potentially an existential crisis — on our hands and we’re doing fuckall about it. “Raising awareness” through groups like — while it was great when people were not aware — is nothing more than lip service now that we’re past 410 ppm and climbing.

Do we need to tolerate people who openly pledge money to fight the electrification process? The Koch brothers have done exactly that and despite this, not a perceptible shred of the efforts of our so-called environmentalists has been devoted to figuring out what products those bastards sell and then boycotting them.

We’re doing nothing better than trying to grab a wifi signal so that we can play Smartphone games from a window seat on the Titanic. Only this time there won’t be any icebergs left to sink us.

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