I’m sorry, Julie Plec, what country are you living in?
Sheila Taylor Miller

Do you think you’re accomplishing something by engaging in generalized ad hominem attacks:

“…criminal acts that are taking place all over the USA right now fall directly into the hands of Democrats and whiny little snowflakes that didn’t get their way…”

…and then proceeding a few sentences later to protest comparable attacks

“You generalize and act like everyone that voted for Trump are rapists and good old boys. I don’t understand Democrats at all…”

on what you’ve imagined to be ‘your position’?

This is a cycle of hatred and negativity. I haven’t dismissed it, in part because I see the emotional side of it as invariably founded in some sort of logic, but I don’t think you can make a lucid argument for why the time you’ve invested here was well-spent.

It isn’t time well spent merely because you feel satisfied about having voiced your anger in a way you feel was effective. That might be well-spent for you personally, but it’s a net negative in the world considering it doesn’t contribute constructively to the discussion.

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