All YOU HAVE IS TIME!!! ⌛️⌛️⌛️
Gary Vaynerchuk

Good job Gary.

I recently went through a second (or third) epic series of shit in my life and I sincerely felt ready to cash in the chips. I’m 46.

Then almost exactly a month ago I decided I wasn’t done yet. It felt very similar to the tone of your essay here.

First I’d get my health and weight in order — prediabetes and such.

From 236.0 (5/27) to 213.4 (6/28) using a chili, salad, and fruit diet and lots of cardio. I’m writing my book, I’m cleaning my house…I’m f$%*ing meditating.

People who half ass it will get half assed results and then be sad about it because they watch too much media — all the movies and TV shows pick up at the ‘action’ point after the work is already done.

You’re right. You can waste your life and then whine about it or you can accept the reality check you offered above and get to work building your dream.


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