So why do you keep reading his article? Fragile white ego
Ajairah M

Keep right on hating, that will get you somewhere Ajairah. There ARE some innocent bystanders to this problem you’re so hyped up about correcting, you DO know that, right?

What is a concerned Caucasian supposed to do besides stand and get berated by the likes of Alona at a party? There are plenty of us who are pretty tired of having the race card played on us without in any way, shape, or fashion deserving it and without people like you making any suggestion as to what can be done about a problem which obviously still exists.

You think that individual whites can magically make the problem disappear? If I had one magic wish I wouldn’t wish for the marginal race problem versus the problem of global warming to go away, that much I can tell you. Because whatever you might say, the latter is MUCH MORE of a problem and that’s what I’m focusing my attention on, not snobbish people like you who come from privileged backgrounds and lean on the people of color who have *actually* suffered as a consequence of the problem you harp on about.

You hate to hate, period. The same thing white supremacists do, essentially. It makes them feel good to hate, so they do it. You’re *almost* as racist as they are, really. Your only advantage over them is you come from a position of being marginalized for the entire history of this country where they don’t. And being marginalized versus not is not the same as being racist. Being racist is marginalizing others for no reason at all other than their ethnic background.

And that is precisely what you, Alona, and the OP have done. Stick it in your pipe and SMOKE it.