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I think what worries me with Tatum is not his ability to score, but the way he plays and the potential effects on a team. Will he end up like Carmelo? Amazing talent, could do it all, but just never figured out how to win team basketball in the NBA (well done winning at ‘Cuse though, and a killer at the Olympics). Unfortunatley, I don’t think he’s even close to Melo in scoring ability. He doesn’t seem like a potential go to NBA scoring option, but more of a secondary. Maybe Jabari Parker lite?

Jackson reminds me of Gerald Wallace: rough jump shot, terror on defense, great athlete. Not a bad career, but also didn’t bring enough to the table to be a consistent difference maker when it mattered. Is he worth a high pick? Sure, for the right team that came develop him and deploy him to focus on shutting down the other team’s offensive options while also chipping in with some buckets and energy on the other side. That was Wallace’s problem for a few good seasons: he was the best defender but also asked to carry too much offensively.

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