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I’m not sure where Chris Paul ends up in the top 10 list for all time point guards and we can argue about those all day and never agree. What I think is important about this article is exactly what it says: Chris Paul doesn’t see to have that extra gear that sets the truly legendary apart. Think Jordan fighting the flu, Lebron in last year’s game 6 & 7, Magic’s baby skyhook game, Olajuwon dominating David Robinson in the ’95 western conference finals, etc… It’s about taking over when necessary and Chris Paul just doesn’t do it. Strangely, rather than comparing him to Isiah, Paul is more like Stockton. Just read Simmons’ book and criticism of Stockton — you knew exactly what you were getting: 15–20 points and 9–13 assists, but it just didn’t go to the 40+points and 15+ assists along with a few killer clutch shots. I love CP3, he bring so much to the table, unfortunately not enough when the team really need it.

As for the Westbrook hate, it’s because so many others out there are lauding a guy who is missing the key element to successful basketball: a team mentality based on trust. Yes, most of his teammates can’t shoot and are not proven scorers, but please study your basketball history before you start spouting off. Jordan didn’t win for years because he didn’t trust his teammates, the Detroit Pistons owned Chicago for years. Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, you can keep going with the list of legendary talents that just didn’t know how to win for a long time, until they finally landed in the right situation. This is long, I’m done.

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