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On Designing the Salesforce Experience at Dreamforce 2019

The place: San Francisco, Dreamforce 2019. Witness our heroes, the intrepid Salesforce User Experience team, as they prepare for the first influx of conferencegoers at the Salesforce User Experience (UX) booth. This moment has been a long time coming, and they’re ready — arranging the paper and colorful markers scattered across the central table of this, the anchor experience for the massive Salesforce customer conference. But where are the bells and whistles, the high-tech displays and cutting-edge design tools? Salesforce is one of the world’s top enterprise software businesses. So what’s up with the school supplies?

The answer to these questions, it turns out, lies at the heart of our UX mission — and of the overall Salesforce experience. In partnership with product designers and researchers, our team’s mission is to inspire Trailblazers to have four important experiences: learning, connecting, having fun, and giving back. And that means we center booth activities around hands-on experiences that support these goals. …


Brian New

Design Program Manager at Salesforce

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