Ashamed to Miss You

Photo of Townes Van Zandt

I’ve exasperated all my lines- I’m ashamed.

When the sun sets

and the velvet beach,
is just out of reach,

I fold on all the silly bets.

It’s when I need you most, a lover-who-must-not-be-named.

Nestle close to strangers,
just to fabricate the faux sensations of an essence,

sweet; yet brimming with pensive revel.

I’m ashamed to mention, I still succumb to my devil.

She dresses and dances in pale luminescence,

in vain attempts to dissipate her romantic dangers.

I’m ashamed to declare out loud that I,

still wistfully stare

at where your imprint should be-

right here next to me.

Regretfully concede, that no affair could compare-

to the display of your hair dripping-dry.

I’m no fool, and you can’t be blamed.

I was but, a mere moment in time,

an amalgamation of strong and lost.

I assure you, it’s not the first time I’ve been tossed

out; like night’s leftover grime.

Only when I long for you in the dead of night, am I most ashamed.