[Flash Fiction] Golden Girl

9 in the morning,

time to peel her Sunday orange.

The smell of citrus and sand circulate through my essence-

no time like the present.

I wasn’t supposed to be here,

and I sure wasn’t supposed to give my ticket home to a stranger.

Golden girl in front of me, shining brighter than the sun; wish she could see.

Between us,

there are silent moments, and KamaSutra-like poses.

Our mornings lack somber city’s mourning, pull her closer as the window closes.

Her breath against my neck, is the only pace I hope to keep track of.

Afternoon sun after all of our morning fun.

Two mopeds down a dirt path,

clouds left behind, nothing else on my mind.

I’m a wreck back home,

chasing hollow dreams all alone.

I’m my best on this island

washed over in waves of silence.

She breaks my focus, she makes me laugh.

I love her land and gladly took her hand.

Watching the white from waves crest crash onto golden shores.

Here, I’m never forlorn.

Together, we can make ourselves a beautiful world.

Here with my golden girl.
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