Lying Still

Step slowly into a silent mornings’ chilled air,

enveloped by the tepid sun’s glare.

Here, everything slowly sails by.

Never has a world shown serenity; so crystal clear.

Alone, in mornings’ majestic moments, it’s hard to deny

beauty during Fall’s time of year.

Playfully cling to the softest whispers of wind,
listen to its symphony push away- all chagrin.

Morning dew reflected through watery eyes.

Nothing is as real, as the love I’ve kept inside.

Surmise, while bathed in sun’s light, that I have no need for a disguise.

Pool of malevolence, has seemingly dried.

Lying still, on the grounds of your crossroad, you can hear

the cacophony of precious moments whispered; effortlessly disappear.
Once they cradled you, ever so close,

now bits of soul slip through damp fingertips; ever so slow.

Reminiscent of days when love could compose

a world set aglow.

Within this essence, I am home,

reading harrowing tales from memory’s tome.
Temporary, is the cool caress of Fall.

Gaze upon the painted leaves on our grassy hill,

Here, is where I want to be, above it all;

under the morning sun- perfectly lying still.

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