Warsaw to JFK on the 787

With the increased cabin pressure, higher humidity, and quieter interior, the 787 is a plane I’ve been excited about flying for years. We had a big European trip with my parents planned and we decided to fly home via Warsaw to see some college friends and to take LOT Polish Airways new 787 back to JFK.

United’s website doesn’t allow you to book award seats on LOT, but I was able to book the flight using United Miles over the phone with LOT’s US call center – 50,000 for a one-way in Business Class. (UPDATE: as of 10/2014 United’s website now supports LOT partner mileage rewards). I was also surprised that when my good friend Z wanted to join us at the last minute, we were able to talk the call center into opening up another award seat for him even though there were none.

Dr. K was chasing United Airlines status, so he opted to pay for his ticket (USD$2600 for a one-way trip).

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, and headed to the lounge, but not before checking out the view of our plane from the terminal.

The lounge was nice and had a few cute polish cookies and chocolates that may or may not have become little omiyage gifts for people back home

787 brochures
Plenty of legroom and headroom, even for 2 meter-tall Z!
Tinted, extra-large windows

Amenity kit, bathroom with headroom, and lighted cubby for water, power, and entertainment controls

We boarded and of course we needed to play with the windows. I was surprised at how long it took them to switch between fully “open” and full dimmed, but then I realized that people playing with them was probably the reason that they made them change so slowly ☺

The purser was incredibly friendly and professional and we had pre-departure champagne while we waited for the rest of the plane to board. The plane has Economy, Economy Comfort, and Business Class. It’s nice that they board from the center so the Business Class cabin is quiet and open during the rest of the boarding process.

The food service was average for an international Business Class flight. Nothing particularly remarkable or Polish about the menu except the celebrity chef in the menu who referred to herself as a “taste sorceress”. We all appreciated the fact that they had Żubrówka and apple juice on board. And an espresso machine and a crew willing to use it.

The “taste sorceress’” creations
Scary headlines the day before we got onboard!

I was asking the purser a bunch of plane nerd questions and apparently he thought I was one of the Boeing engineers who were on board that day. (Two days before our flight, LOT’s 787's were grounded again due to production glitches with the new plane). He gave me a tour of the galley (he was a huge fan of the steam oven) and of the crew rest quarters, which are in the “bump” in the ceiling of the Business Class cabin.

crew rest quarters – up the stairs and into the “bump”

The flight was smooth, the cabin was remarkably quiet (comparable to the upper deck of the A380), and I did feel less fatigued when we arrived at JFK, but that could have been the adrenaline from flying with good friends on such a cool new plane.

I’ve got more trip reports over on Blogger.com if you’re interested.

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